Are we ever offline now?

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It’s the time of year for reviews and Christmas number ones. Except it isn’t because nothing is following a pattern anymore.

…is more important now than ever before.

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Design portfolios have long been a requirement but are they still relevant? And how can you make them work for you?

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  • We’re busy with actual work
  • We‘re working on confidential or commercially sensitive projects that are difficult to share
  • We haven’t completed enough projects yet

Design bootcamps remain a controversial topic in our industry. What is behind their rapid growth and what value are they bringing?

Bootcamps fill gaps in traditional education to meet industry demand

Stop waiting for the right time

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What do we do with all these hopes?

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Starting out

The uphill climb past entrenched bias makes many women just give up

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Because first impressions count

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Why is on-boarding important?

  • Organisations want new starters to contribute to the mission as soon as possible
  • New starters want to settle in, know…

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Sometimes we all find ourselves in a customer service nightmare. You know the ones…

Jessica Richards

Product & UX Consultant. Founder of Creative Product Consulting. Feminist. World traveller. Empathy & cats.

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